Calvin Avaricci is the main antagonist of the Archie Weird Mysterious episode Mega Mall of Horrors


In his human form Avarcci is show to be a Caucasian with dark brown hair comb-back and a small black mustache with a blue suit, a while collared undershirt,a green tie and dark grey shows. In his monster form he is shown to be a reptilian creature with dark orange eyes, blue green skin and razor sharp teeth.


Prior the series Calvin was known as the most selfish shopaholic in history, Always buying more things. One day when he didn't have anymore money he sold his soul to by more stuff. However when it was time to pay up he was given the horrible position of being trapped forever in Mallhalla to corrupt the innocence souls of teenagers or pay the bill himself.

We first arrived in Riverdale in his monster form where he quickly put together Mallhalla and entered to begin his evil deed.

He later appeared again, this time in his human form where he gives Archie and his friends Mallhalla Charge cards to buy anything they want. When Reggie entered a high tech store Mr. Avarcci popped up and to show him the helmet he wanted, one with satellite tv, cellphone and game player built on it. Although unseen Avarcci turned Reggie into a mannequin when Reggie gave him his card.

Later when Betty tried to buy a large birdbath and gave her card to Mr. Avarcci, he informs her that her credit it up and told her it time to pay and transform her into a mannequin. Then when Veronica tried to buy a red dress, she saw in the reflection of the mirror of Avarcci monster form as he inform her that her credit it up and he turned her into a mannequin. Then when Archie wanted to by a special type of crystal ball, which shows Avarcci's true self, he also turned Archie a Mannequin.

With all but one teen left in riverdale, Avarcci approach Jugghead and told him that he never bought anything since coming to the mall, which Jughead said there's nothing he doesn't want to buy, until Avarcci showed him the international food court, which has every type of food in the world. But just as Jughead was about to take a bite, Pops arrived and told Jughead he's going out of business and made one last burger just for Jughead. As Avarcci tired to temp Jughead to buy the food, Jugghead snapped out of it and began to eat the burger Pop gave him and took back his card and ripped it in half, as a result  not only destroyed the speakers but caused Avarcci to morph into a brownish glab and told him his story, then he transform into his monster form and attempt to eat Jughead, Luckily Jughead used the food he got and threw it at Avarcci, so Jughead can free his friends. 

When Avarcci sees Jughead with Archie's card, he warned him not to touch it, thus exposing the secret of freeing his friends. While Avarcci began to chase Jugghead, his is unaware that Archie,Betty and Veronica are freeing the other teens from their mannequin state and headed outside. As Jughead was about to escape Avarcci stopped him and tried to pull him back but thanks to the other teens they got Jughead back and Avarcci is unable to leave Mallhalla.